About us

The Viera Yague Law Firm handles matters in the areas of Business Law, Franchise Law, Insurance Claims, and Litigation. The Firm’s two partners bring different skills and backgrounds to the practice.

Isabel Yague is an international attorney who has worked in-house for various companies in several countries prior to co-founding the firm. She brings to Viera Yague Law Firm her international background and the ability to advise clients in legal issues in several languages given her legal training in the U.S. Spain, and France.

Fred Viera is a local attorney who has extensive litigation and real estate law experience.  He is also a graduate of a world-class MBA program. Because of Fred’s education and experience in Finance and Business, he is well suited to advise business owners regarding the operation and development of their enterprises. Fred also advises his clients in Spanish.


Who do we serve?

At Viera Yague Law Firm, we proudly help entrepreneurs of start-ups or small business start or grow their businesses; buy or sell companies or franchise a new concept.

Also, if litigation is inevitable, we will effectively and efficiently advocate for your interests in court.

Additionally, we help individuals and companies buy and sell real estate.


What is our goal?

At Viera Yague Law Firm, we feel inspired to help risk-taking entrepreneurs launch new products or services and successfully take their businesses to the next level. Our goal is to assist you in closing favorable deals for your company so that it can sustainably grow, and to help you resolve business disputes efficiently so that you can minimize the costs of litigation.


Why hire Viera Yague Law Firm?

  • You want attorneys who are passionate about entrepreneurs and their businesses.
  • You need Business Attorneys in Florida who can communicate fluently in Spanish as well as English, and who can draft and negotiate contracts in Spanish.
  • You need a Business and Franchise Attorney who has been trained in both the civil and common law traditions, and explain complex legal concepts across jurisdictions and cultures.
  • You need an experienced and aggressive litigator with a strategic approach and game plan for your case.
  • You want Business Attorneys who feel that they are part of your team and genuinely care about your company’s goals.
  • You want high quality legal work at reasonable prices because your business is just starting and you want to spend no more than necessary on legal fees.
  • You want your Business Attorneys to provide personalized attention and legal work product that is tailored to your business’ needs.


Core Values

  • Accessible.  We make ourselves available to you by phone, email, and online through your personalized secure client portal.
  • Simple.  We strive to simplify the complexities of law so that you can have a comfortable understanding of your matter and make informed decisions with confidence.
  • Engaged.  We handle your matter with the same energy, interest and enthusiasm as if it were our own.
  • Ethical.  We are fair in our billing practice and understand that you expect progress along with your invoices.  We will always choose to do what is right for your matter over what is more profitable for the firm.
  • Down-to-Earth.  We have fun doing this work because we love it.  We also try to maintain a sense of humor and enjoy your partnership.