Stockbroker Fraud

Rights of Investors

The Viera Yague Law Firm can represent individual and institutional investors who have lost money because of securities fraud or stockbroker misconduct. We will aggressively pursue claims to recover your stock market investment losses. We understand that you have worked for years to save for your retirement, your children’s education, to support family, and to create a sense of financial security. Dishonest brokerage firms and brokers can destroy the results of your hard work with just one bad recommendation. This may be due to their negligence or outright fraud. We can investigate your claim so you will know if you have a viable claim. We will help you assess whether your financial advisor violated your trust or was negligent in his duties to manage your investments.


Do you have a potential case?

If you suspect you were taken advantage of by a dishonest stock broker or financial advisor, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did your financial advisor lie to you about the investment he recommended to you, or did he leave out important details about the investment?
  • Did your financial advisor invest your money in highly risky investments?
  • Did your financial advisor invest most of your money into one stock or industrial sector?
  • Did your financial advisor make trades without your permission?
  • Did your financial advisor fail to generate the income that you expected for your retirement?
  • Did your financial advisor make trades by borrowing money from your account?
  • Did your financial advisor make an excessive number of trades in your account to generate significant commissions for himself?

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